• Mobile-only bank of Sparkassen
  • Creating enitre new product from scratch
  • Unique design and user experience
  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Target audience: Generation Z

  • Design lead
  • Initial pitch presentation
  • Setting up UX processes
  • Regular user tests
  • UX / UI Design und Art Direction


yomo is a mobile-only bank; it consists of a card and an app. I was lucky enough to help create the product and the processes from the beginning. The project was well funded, so we had a lot of capacity to integrate the user's point of view and establish user-centred design processes.


The user-centric approach started with market segmentation. yomo was to become THE bank for Generation Z. To gather young people's expectations of the new product; we organized events in eight major German cities, where we exchanged ideas with the target audience over beer and snacks.

This personal contact also enabled us to build up a dedicated beta community to draw on for the user tests and surveys.

The people were constantly checking out new software builds and brought us insights from other fintech products.


In addition to our onboarding events, we conducted in-depth interviews with 25 young people. We asked them about their technical affinity, favourite apps, social media behaviour, finances, shopping, payment preferences, and security needs. We clustered the results and created four personas cards. What was unique about our personas cards were the home screens of their phones. In this way, we made the mobile ecosystem of our users visible.


As representatives of Generation Z, all our personas are at home online, and yomo should become a homogeneous part of their digital landscape. That's why we made the user interface extra playful, clear and fluid. The screens have a clear focus, and the texts have a lot of free space. The content is structured so that each screen always has only one main action (only one call-to-action).

    We were also consistent and left the established UI patterns if it made our users more efficient. The money-transfer-dialogue is a good example of the unique UX at yomo:

    • Editable fields are tinted white
    • Naturally spoken sentence instead of form fields.
    • The most important information set as a title.
    • No banking vocabulary

    The function was highly praised by the users:

    Another unique UI pattern is the "breadcrumb cloud". During registration, all entries remain visible until the last step. The user can correct them by simply tapping them.


    The main element of the CI is a color gradient. Each area of the app has its dedicated color extract from this color spectrum. That makes the orientation in the app more intuitive and looks vibrant.


    My highlight of the app is the illustrations that a great visual artist Guillaume Kashima created for us. Thanks to his witty sketches, complex and dry content is conveyed entertainingly.