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  • Redesign of an innovative Augmented Reality App
  • Goal: Increase retention

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Concept and design
  • Prototyping


Wallary is an intelligent app that makes it possible to test-hang your own photos with the help of augmented reality.

Wallary Promo

The guys from Wallary asked me to revise the Wallary app. There were some weak points that needed to be overcome:
  1. Many first-time users dropped out even before they tried the core feature.
  2. Even after the successful first use, only a tiny proportion of them used the app regularly.
  3. Refreshing the UI.

Legacy App

The reason for the high bounce rate was partly because of the poor onboarding of new visitors.    

In the existing app, the has first to decide about the framework and the arrangement of pictures. Considering the primary use case and the claim "test-hang your picture virtually," the user should instead choose an image from the gallery.

Another usability problem was the poor awareness of the scrolling ability of the list.

New Onboarding

My main idea for onboarding was to inspire the user with the USP immediately. That's why the communication is in the form of pictures on the wall. This way, the permission primings could also be entered homogeneously.


Until then, the user journey was over when the user had tried out the image using augmented reality.

Here we integrated a new feature of saving the actual view in the AR-Gallery. The goal was to involve the users more and, therefore, increase retention.

The core user group of Wallary are photographers who use the app for presentations. They found the new app feature very convenient.

Images by Liam Pozz & Chris Lee