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Museum Ahlem

  • Excibition Design
  • Design of an Interactive Table
  • Target audience: school classes

  • Ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping


Israelitische Gartenbauschule Ahlem in Hanover was built as an educational institution and a garden school for Jewish boys at the end of the 19th century. During the Nazi era, the site was converted into a collection point for Jews and later into a Gestapo office. Since WWII, it's been a memorial place and a museum.

In early 2019, the exhibition was expanded with a new exposition room. This room was dedicated to the history of the garden school and to individual fates.


The wish of organizers was to bring the content into the chronological context without looking outdated. So LCD panels were mounted on the walls, on which historical and current thematic quotations were to run through as "news tickers." On one side of the wall, a display was installed that showed the most important historical events in coming to terms with National Socialism as a slideshow.

The central element of this exhibition space was an interactive table. My task was to create the interface concept for the table.


The most frequent visitors to the museum are high school students. They often come with school classes and spend the whole day on the premises.


My spontaneous idea was to organize the content in the form of Twitter messages and feeds. This form of presentation ideally suited the vision of the organizers and the young audience.

The personal timeline shows the chronologically ordered quotes of an authentic contemporary witness.

Tweets on a topic (labeled with hashtags) can be grouped into threads. Those tags create an easy-to-follow cross-connection between different events.

Final designs animted:

Presenting historical events in the form of tweets had several advantages:
  • It's a widespread user interface pattern to organize content.
  • Short messages are more engaging.
  • More topics can be displayed at once.
  • Very modular; easier to implement.
  • Cross-linking between topics allows associative browsing.
  • More visitors can operate the installation at the same time.