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DKV Live

  • DKV Mobility extends its service from cashless refueling to fleet management.
  • Building a user interface for new fleet software after an acquisition.
  • User Journey Mapping.
  • Deriving user requirements from the in-depth interviews.

  • Strategy workshops
  • Requirements engineering
  • In-depth interviews
  • UX design
  • UI design


When I started this project at DKV Mobility (not to be confused with DKV Insurance) as a UX consultant, the customer was in the process of taking over a telematics provider company. The core of their solution was this dongle with a SIM card in it. It's installed in the truck cabin and sends a lot of statistical data from the vehicle to the control center.

The data is accumulated there and displayed on a web interface. The user interface seemed too cluttered for DKV, so the customer wanted a complete redesign of the UI from scratch.

I was the lead designer on the project, serving as the primary point of contact for all UX matters. As such, I visited the software house on site in Austria, where we held a workshop lasting several days to determine the core use cases and sketch the roadmap for the implementation of the user interface.

Several in-depth interviews were conducted in advance of the Wireframing phase. Unfortunately, the results only had a few overlaps. I initiated an additional in-depth interview and spent a day at a small logistics company shadowing and interviewing a dispatcher at work.

To identify the most important use cases, we have recorded them in the form of user journeys. But, to be honest, it was not of much help for the process later on. 

User Interface

The project is now four years old. I no longer recall individual discussions in the designer group and all the design decisions that led to the following UX and UI. But the user interface of the software still looks the same after five years: