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  • Redesign of an AI-driven business intelligence SaaS
  • Accompanied by an in-depth interview and usability test
  • Platform: Web application

  • Expert review
  • Recruitment of probands
  • In-depth interviews
  • Usability test
  • Strategy workshop
  • UX design

Innovation SAAS 

Delphai is a SaaS that collects public company data from various sources and interprets it using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding). This data is then visually displayed on the interface. The primary users are investors and innovation managers. It helps them identify appropriate technologies and companies for corporate growth.


The client's assignment was to revise the user interface of Delphai. In the process, the user experience should also be questioned. I suggested that the first step should be to test the current state with respondents. Based on the insights gained from those interviews, we could derive a catalog of possible improvements.

User Test

I recruited five participants in relevant positions, various head of an innovation hub, a senior innovation manager, a strategy manager, and a business consultant.

The insights gained covered several dozen aspects of the app. Here, I will discuss one of them, specifically the software's landing page.

Natural Language Form

The landing page of the software mimicked The reasoning behind this design decision was that it allowed users to search for anything, and the intelligent system would accurately interpret the user query.

My test subjects found the homepage empty and uninviting. They also missed a clear call to action.

Indeed, at this point, the software can only interpret a few parameters, such as location, technology sector, and company names. Therefore, my suggestion for improvement was to use a natural language form for the input field. This is a UI element that is formulated like a spoken sentence and provides interactive elements for parameters.

Small Steps

Besides this, the functionality of the search and project save functions was revised. In the other areas of the application, we were only allowed to make careful changes to the current layout and design. Backend resources were not to be involved.

Although the client really liked my idea of a natural language form, they were missing resources to implement that feature. All the other changes were implemented as intended by our design team.