See here how just one product discovery session can turn an unfeasible product idea into a concrete, easy-to-implement MVP. It all started with a request from a concert promoter friend looking for a developer for a very concrete app idea. This app should help perform a rapid corona test of a crowd just before starting an event. The basic idea was described as follows:

The most critical part of the idea is the request to the concert operator. First, there is not only one but four big concert operators. And to retrieve sensitive customer data from all of them and use it in a DSGVO-compliant way will be a big challenge. We asked ourselves what the MVP could be and came up with the following idea:

The significant advantage of this flow is that all information is bein stored locally and anonymously. Also besides a simple temporal data base, there is no back end, or API involved. It is not even necessary to build a native app, the app can also run as a web application.