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  • Personal project
  • Features a daily selection of up to 30 highlights, including concerts and DJ parties.
  • Currrently in pilot runs inside instagram
  • 10.300+ users in first three month
  • See Anyvent live →

Pain Point

Anyvent is my pet project, currently in its pilot phase and used by 10,000 users daily. The concept was inspired one Friday evening when I wanted to go out but encountered the usual hurdles in finding an event location:
The descriptions of the acts are often uninformative.
To sample their music, I find myself tediously copying and pasting the artists' names into Spotify or YouTube, a particularly cumbersome process on a smartphone.

  • I am not familiar with many clubs.
  • Descriptions of the acts don't tell me much.
  • To listen to them,  I find myself tediously copying and pasting the artists' names into Spotify or YouTube, a particularly cumbersome process on a smartphone.


There should be an app that presents every concert and party in the city with video and music from the musician's repertoire, instead of text. Like YouTube Shorts, but for local events.


To validate whether enough people share my problems and whether my implementation would be well-received, I went to the party district one Friday evening and showed my idea's prototype to 30 passersby. Additionally, I inquired about their going-out behaviors. Here are some of my findings [survey link]:
  • The main inspiration for choosing a location are friends, then websites of clubs.
  • Some respondents were aware of other event apps but did not use them.
  • Nine individuals also experienced the pain of selecting suitable events, making their opinions particularly valuable to me.

Reaction to my prototype has been very favorable throughout:
  • 22 out of 30 people reacted positively.
  • All nine respondents who shared my pain were excited about the prototype.
  • Some interviewees expressed a desire for the app to operate within an existing social media platform. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the initial test.

In-Depth Interviews

Simultaneously, I conducted in-depth interviews with ten club owners and event organizers. The following insights emerged repeatedly:

  • Instagram was the only social media platform they actively used for distribution.
  • Visitor numbers have not recovered after COVID-19 (indicating growth potential!).
  • For promotion, some organizers used posters, but none could definitively say if they were effective.
  • Additionally I inquired about the amount of their advertising expenses. These responses demonstrated that the idea also has a business case.


Now the question arose as to how I could test my idea with a statistically relevant user group. Ideally, my prototype should run on Instagram, as this platform is preferred by both event organizers and potential users. The biggest chellenge was to arrange all the events chronologically grouped by day. My Idea was to misuse the highlight function for that. By designed it ment to be a folder for stories. I misused to suit my idea. Each highlight represents a day.

After clicking on a day the viewer can click through all the acts of the day and listen to the music-snippet from the repertoir of each musician.

On the one hand, this trick made it possible for me to build a fully functioning pilot in MVP scope. At the same time, Instagram was also an ideal marketing platform.

This idea was also tested with 30 test subjects [link] To do this, I recreated the Instagram channel in a prototype. Here too, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which gave me confidence that I could go live with my idea.

One month after the launch, Anyvent has 10 thousand followers. Many established Hamburg clubs, promoters and two concert agencies wrote to me during this time and offered to work closely with me.